Furían is a complex language and one of the few spoken only by Taruro. It is considered the mainstream language passed down from the first Furrian king. Before the Taruro were first united, each species had it's own language and dialect, and since the Taruro found ease in learning the 'Kings Language', very few of the diverse tongues are used today (With exception of the Militites who were all brought up to learn both Furí and their own racial language, thus still pronouncing names with their own sounds and pronounciations.) 

Furían is difficult for humans to pronounce, and even many Evalains have become defeated when attempting to learn the language. The words originate from noises and sounds that started from early communication and sometimes even the grunts made be offspring. Taruro vocal chords are incredibly gravel-sounding, and often very deep, even in females and young. Because of this, most of the noises are formed at the opening of the throat instead of in the mouth (using the lips and tongue) 

Single lettersEdit

The English Alphabet is pronounced different in Furí

A - Arhk (Arhk/n/AH if used after a letter such as é or í, single 'ah' if used after U)

B - Buh

C - Crr (C is rarely used in Furían dialect or names)

D - Dee-aarh

E - Ur

F - Foh (Foor if used at beginning of word)

G - Gru/Groo

H - Hee if before an e or an a, Hurk for every other letter

I - Eee

J - Yah/Yal

K - Kuh

L - Lork/Lurk (Latter used in names)

M - Ooom

N - nhay

O - Many including Or/Uh/Op depending on context

P - Peh (Again rarely used)

Q - Not used in Furí, replaced with K

R - Rrrr/Roo (Single noise, not regarded as a letter)

S - sssss (slight hissing)

T - Tuh/Tah (because of this, the 'a' in Taruro is silent)

U - Oooooo/ooooeee

V - Huh

W - Wi

X - Not used in Furí, replaced by C

Y - ee/eye

Z - Shoo

Special lettersEdit

Most commonly used in names, special letters can cancel out many of the normal pronounciations in order to properly fit into a word

É - eeeay

í - heee

Á - uh (cancels out the 'arhk' sound completely)

Ó - Hoom

Ú - Eh