Raspberry lines

Jaljire, an exhile Loreeth later accepted into the Vishcanai

"“Those who name themselves of Loreeth, you are the eldest, My might and the beginning of my strength. The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. However, you shall not excel, because you went up to the sacred tree and then you defiled it with fire and ashes." - Jahaylo, Deum of order and balance

The Loreeth Valtiri were believed to be the first Valtiri species to exist in Evalai. They are one of the two scaled varieties of Valtiri and the only species known to exhale fire and hot steam. It was during the events of the first Red Rebellion and Taruro war that they excluded themselves from the Valtiri circle, naming themselves only 'Loreeth'. 


Before the two fallen gods first walked Evalai, the Loreeth were known to be the most feared of all the Tahor. They were violent and demanding, self-electing their species as the true leaders of the Tahor, threatening any who disobeyed them with the promise of a firery death. At first, the Tahor obeyed them in fear and obedience, but soon they began to rebel. After many years, the Taruro began to turn against each other in a quest for dominance and rule over Oseroth, and so began the first great war. Many Tahor were slaughtered, some fled, others stood and fought for the rule they believed they so rightly owned. The Loreeth were by far the strongest, and bore a particular hatred towards the Saria Valtiri. When the leader of the Saria rebellion, Hujést, climbed to the pinnacle of Oseroth and stood before the Great tree in declaration of his strength and leadership, the Loreeth blasted him in fire. Hujést was killed instantly, but the Great tree was also set alight and burned endlessly for many months. This stirred something within the Taruro, and they immediately ceased their savage war and fled from Oseroth, no longer intent on domination.  

The Red RebellionEdit

"In the days of the dawning kings,

Before the gods fell from the sky,

Forth came the young of blood new and old

With the glint of power in his eye.

"Hear my words! Children of scale!"

and every soul did cry,

"Bring forth the Red Rebellion,

and every Valtiri shall die!”"