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In a world not too different from our own, a governing species known as the Taruro are locked in civil conflict. A once peaceful species, their leaders begin to fall to the corruption of the promise of dominance and power. Where once they all resided in the safe and secure mountain, known as Oseroth, they find themselves scattered, ranked and judged based on their species. Only those of the pure Furrian race, the species elected into royalty by the gods, were allowed to stay. 

The many other remaining species of Taruro were scattered across the land of Evalai, fighting for survival in the hostile world outside of Oseroth. While their hatred for the Furrians who exhiled them grows, many of them chose to accept their fate as an outcast. When all begins to settle, demons begin to march across the land in a true test of the Taruros strength. The fate of Evalai soon falls to a young Taruro, a Saria Valtiri known as Adéna, who is taken on an adventure beyond the comforts of her outcast clan. Along the way she forms a rebellion, leads an army and begins to bond with one of the very Furrians whos ancestors drove out her species from Oseroth, as well as battling the demonic curse that cut her away from her life of comfort. 

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This is a wikia page dedicated to a world that is still very much in progress and requires lots of content. As such, many pages will be unfished or lacking certain content. The world and stories are completely owned by Adenadragoness and are in no way related to any exterior content created by another party. The purpose of this wikia is soley for reference material and ease of understanding to those attempting to gain knowlege of the world.

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Illumination - Globus

Illumination - Globus